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"Crash World exists in the yellow glow of Edison bulbs, leather couches and dark hardwood" - Pitch Perfect (Chicago)


Brand new single, “Cup Of Coffee” Out Now!

For every relationship that’s been started, ended or mended over coffee...this one's for you.

Release date: April 14th

see what the critics are saying about "so the story goes"

Brand new videos for your pleasure...

So the story goes (album) - out now!

"So The Story Goes" is Crash World's 15 song debut album. It showcases the many styles Crash World has been known for in a live setting over the years. "As a duo we were able to work with some of the very best musicians and producers in Vancouver to help fully realize Crash World's music on a lush, grand scale. We have let many genres and artists into our consciousness and allowed them to influence and flourish across the album" says Crash World. It's a stylistic journey that reflects a Crash World live show. It contains several classic covers pulled from a vast repertoire. "We look forward to finally sharing the album with the world". This one's for you music lovers!

You can read all about the making of the album right here on the website!

And CD's are available by hitting the button below or you may stream wherever you listen to the music you love!


🔥Official Music Video for "Lucky One"🔥 
We are truly thrilled to announce the release of the Official Music Video for "Lucky One". 
It is a beautiful, poignant look at life going forward, told from a "what might be" rather than a "what has been" perspective.  
Filmed in Ladner, BC by Marts Productions it captures the magic of the song perfectly.

As for the wonderous locations, we just can't thank Bonnie and Adina enough. ❤ Your generosity of place and spirit was so essential to the vibe and mood. So perfect for the song. We are deeply grateful. ❤🙏


"Crash World exists in the yellow glow of Edison bulbs, leather couches and dark hardwood." - Pitch Perfect (Chicago)

Crash World takes up residence between 60's Blvd & 70's Ave and sends a love letter to our modern world.
A reflective, nostalgic message in a bottle for music lovers!

Vancouver’s truly dynamic duo Crash World are a love letter to the past and an ode to tomorrow. A sonic tapestry of two voices and six strings by the accomplished and harmonious Glen MacLeod and Graham MacDonald. Their distinctive sound blends the poetic whimsy of the 60's and the alluring boldness of the 70’s with a refreshing contemporary flare. Crash World sends a nostalgic message in a bottle to music lovers. 
The band was built on an affinity for infusing ragged beauty into songwriting and a stripped-down musicality. 

They are inspired by the origins of music in its most delicate state. In the past, both Glen and Graham were primarily involved in bands with massive repertoires that crossed diverse genres. The two previously played together in the larger-than-life rock band Warjunk that began in the late 90’s and generated innovative music for twelve years. After the disbandment of Warjunk, Glen studied jazz theory for three years and developed a deep appreciation for acoustic music. In 2014, Glen and Graham fatefully reconnected at a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds concert, both there to witness an artist who remains an immense inspiration for them. It was clear they shared a mutual interest in the art of rock and roll music through the unplugged prism. The two spent a year playing music and rehearsing tracks before the live debut of Crash World in September 2015. They have since performed at an array of Vancouver’s most treasured venues, connecting with audiences through the power of song. 

In 2022, Crash World released, "So The Story Goes" an immersive full-length debut album which showcases their multifaceted talent. Their work is wildly sincere, endlessly captivating and refreshingly accessible to all. Progressive Canadiana is one way to describe Crash World as they cover a lot of musical ground both in terms of songwriting and arrangements. 
"So The Story Goes" has received stellar reviews from all around the world and Spotify streams are closing in on 300K. 

In April of 2023 Crash World released the brand new stand-alone single and video, "Cup Of Coffee".
The song is about our human connection, the face-to-face connection and how beautiful it can be. Nobody said it was easy, but it is so important for us all. 
And coffee is a very common age-old component of connecting. A common ground for humanity. 
It can be one of the binding elements in a relationship..."Remember, we met over coffee?" or "Remember we used to meet at the little coffee shop on the corner?" 

"Cup Of Coffee" is uplifting, optimistic, and in this chaotic world and life, as we all lean on each other, it’s a reminder that we're all in this together. 
So, for every relationship that’s been started, ended or mended over coffee...this one's for you.